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House of Steam Punk Project

Welcome to the House of Steampunk (Est. 2015) -(Link to Steampunk picture Gallery), you are seeing a one of a kind piece of interior architecture from the mind of Zack J. Casebolt. What is Steam Punk? The best description I’ve heard is “The Art of Victorian Futurism” this science fiction genre holds characters and scenes that lend themselves to industrial styles with a futuristic twist. Most Steampunk settings hold a special power source that emanates a powerful light while some are solely steam and gear driven.

Hollywood has had many cinematic features using this genre as it’s setting. Movies such as Hell boy, Sky Captain & The world of Tomorrow, Wild West, and the ever popular New Sherlock Homes movies starring Robert Downey J.R.

The lamp and painting in my entry are the first two pieces of Steampunk I owned. When I made the decision to relocate to Parker after I was ready for a change. I began to sketch architectural elevations and scouring the internet, Houzz, Pinterest, E-bay, Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, just to name a few for ideas and décor for this home. During this search I developed an appreciation for Antiques and nostalgic items that closely relate to Steampunk. I also prefer cozy dimly lite atmospheres to bright loud atmospheres so keeping light pollution to a minimum was important. I had to work with what my builder gave me and balance fiscal responsibility with what I wanted. You will see some track home aspects in the home that have been twisted and punked/tweaked to go with my theme.

Several pieces in the home are my own original art work. The Hay Trolley Hanging light in the Locomotive Gallery, the John Deer Floor Lamp in the Study, and my latest is the table housing my Gib Singleton Bronze casted Statues are a culmination of gas pipe and Sandalus Leather/Antiqued granite taken from the remnant on my Kitchen island and constructed by my Master Carpenter Mr. Ken Evanyo. It is back lite with green LED lights to remind me of my ever present foe “The Dragon”. I am The Dragon Slayer and this piece is the focal point of my main living space, however it is also adorned with the ‘Dove” also by Gib Singleton which reminds me of the peace and sacrifice given to this world by our Heavenly Father through whom none of this would be possible.

All the walls were masterfully designed by myself but brought to life and then some ;-) by my own personal artist for hire Miss Lisa Strong with Fresh Paint Murals & Faux finishes. (Hyperlink " Fresh Paint Murals & Faux finishes" to : www.freshpaintmurals.com) Lisa and her assistant Kelsey took my vision and amplified it with their own creativity producing the “Dragons Lair” bathroom (Molten Metals and layered venetian plaster ceiling) Several accent walls using Copper Lustertone and several leathered Lustergem finishes. The interior doors are rubbed/weathered bronze and the barn doors are authentic rusted iron panels that are “Faux Real”!

The Kitchen Island is Sandalus Leathered/Antiqued with a hammered Bronze Sink and WaterMark Faucet. The back splash is a resin casted metal tile from Dal Tile. The refrigerators are GE Monogram Glass fronts panel ready twisted to meet my vision. The Z-brick wall is Eldorado Stone and the wood floors are hand scrapped Teak wood.

The home is also a “Smart Home” it was fully automated by Low Volt Systems Inc. (Hyperlink "Low Volt Systems Inc." to: lowvoltsystems.com) The televisions, blinds, music, climate, whole house vacuum, and security are fully automated and made available on my Smart phone. The beautiful sounds you hear are emanating from my 12-piece wireless Sonos sound system that runs solely from blue tooth. Please ask to see a demonstration! The blinds in the home are all custom made by The Blind Spot and Mr. Lennie Jestice. (Insert Hyperlink : theblindspot.biz) Darkening the home was of great importance and Lennies attention to detail and function was exemplary.

The Master Bedroom furniture is Acacia wood which is the same wood species the Ark of the covenant was constructed with. The Ray Ban Collection was Steampunked to meet the motif.

Lastly, my pride and joy rests above the fireplace Mantel. My children Ethan,Kylee, Jayden, and Odis. This picture was captured by design at Lake Powell by Sean McNeil of McNeil Custom Portraits. (Hyperlink "McNeil Custom Portraits" to: mcneildesignerportraits.com )This is the second painting they have done for us and they are indeed artists of perfection and beauty.

Steampunk has become a personal passion of mine and I dive deeper into it every time an artist does something wonderful in this genre. If your interested in this style then please search the internet using the word “Steampunk” and then prepare to hold on tight as your transported to a world of pure imagination!

Z. Casebolt